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Pjur Analyse Me! – Relaxing Jojoba Anal Glide – 250ml

Price: $69.990000 | Brand: Pjur Lubricants Germany
This Scientifically Formulated Rich Silicone-Based Lubricant with jojoba has been designed for those wanting to dive deeper into their anal sex fantasies and to expand their sexual horizons in ways they had never imagined. The thick consistency makes for easy gliding and doesn’t absorb into the skin quickly so each application is long lasting, and the easy to use flip top tube allows for many liberal applications. The Use of the Natural Plant Based Ingredient Jojoba makes this lube irreplaceable. Jojoba extracts softens the skin and causes the anus to relax, making the gliding in of a penis or toy pleasant, helping alleviate any fears of discomfort. This will enable the recipient to breathe and relax easily, knowing that they will receive a totally fresh sexual experience and thus the optimal environment for anal intercourse. The scientifically developed formula works by relaxing the sphincter, without any desensitizing effect and creates a silky smooth feeling. Specifically Created to be the Premium Lube, this glide provided perfect anal-sex compatibility, comfort and pleasure. This relaxing jojoba anal glide is one of the thickest, silicone formulas in existence, ensuring an always moisture rich, silky, waterproof glide that stays put exceptionally well. The relaxing effect comes into play almost immediately. You can apply this gel to the anus just before play, allowing only a few minutes to activate. Bonus feature: it won’t desensitize your playmates cock! A Premium Medical Grade Silicone has been used to enhance the glide-ability of this lube. It is compatible with condoms and suitable for daily use and safe sex play. The perfectly crafted silicone formula with top grade jojoba extracts was designed to allow for a relaxed and optimal environment for anal penetration.This product has been specifically developed to enhance anal intercourse. The relaxing jojoba anal glide makes anal sex easier and so enjoyable for the newbie or the experienced anal play enthusiast. The silicone formula contains the finest grade jojoba extracts and was designed to allow for a relaxed anal experience. Jojoba is a natural plant ingredient that softens and moisturizes the skin, making it silky smooth. Specially formulated for comfortable anal sex With natural, relaxing jojoba Long lasting with extra glide Silicone based lubricant that’s condom safe

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