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Pjur Basic Waterbased Lubricant – 100ml

Price: $14.990000 | Brand: Pjur Lubricants Germany
A water-based all-around lubricant for that unique pjur® feeling. pjur® BASIC AQUA is additive free, dermatologically tested, and absolutely ideal for daily fun. With its unbeatable price and high-quality formula, pjur® BASIC AQUA is loved by many fans, who enjoy the way pjur® BASIC AQUA makes their skin feel – extraordinarily silky and smooth. Unique Composition For long lasting lubrication – A few drops suffice Oil Free and Non-Greasy Fragrance Free Moisturising Moisturises and Protects Dry and Tender Skin Dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility Contains no Spermacides N/A

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