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Play Miss Demeanor Police Costume Set (M/L)

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Fantasy Lingerie
Stick your hands in the air, well not yours your lovers with the Play Miss Demeanor Police Costume Set.  Sexy Poloice Costume is navy blue in colour and would have to be one of the sexiest cop outfits available.  4 Piece Set including a detachable garter, matching panties, tie collar which is easy to fasten with just a touch and tie back hat.  Sizing Info:S/MSize: 2-6 (AUS 4-10)Bust: 32”-36”Hips: 33”-38” M/LSize: 8-12Bust: 34”-38”Hips: 36”-40” * Please note: This product is shipped separately from our warehouse in Melbourne and same daydespatch cannot be guaranteed.This item is not available for delivery outside of Australia. Play Miss Demeanor Police Costume Set is a 4 piece nice and naughty unique girlie cop costume. Sexy Police Costume  4 Piece Set

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