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Pretty Love Body Wand Rechargeable Massager

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: Pretty Love
For some the bigger heavier body wand and massagers are too hard to use. They can be a little difficult to manoeuvre than something that can fit in your hand a little more freely. But not wanting to look for a smaller massager believing you aren’t going to get the same power as a big one. Average Size Body Wand with great power, you can move this great sized massager all over and everywhere. At a total size of only 25cm the Pretty Love Body Wand is extremely comfortable in your hand. And the power is pretty impressive as well. Silicone Flexible Massaging Head that assists with the undertaking of your needs and desires. If you are looking for a great sized massager to relieve the stresses of the day this is perfect. Run it around your neck, legs arms… but if you need it for that little extra run it all over your body and with the wonderful flexible head you will be able to get into more places for your desires. Light Weight at only 200gms makes it even more comfortable and a pleasure to use. Easy to use controls right at the top of the handle, exactly where ones hand would be. A simple click of any of the pleasure buttons to set the massager in motion from a slow whisper to a O roar and the pulsating in between. Play with the controls to find your favourite levels. Rechargeable via a USB cord which is provided, you simply have to plug it into a charger, computer or anything that is USB adaptable including the TV which is always handy.  Pretty Love Body Wand A great average size body wand with the power of a larger massager. Average Size Body Wand Silicone Flexible Massaging Head Light Weight Easy to use controls Rechargeable **NB: Unfortunately, the colour Black is out of stock at present. Only Pink is available.

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