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Pretty Love Wireless Vibrating Egg – Arvin

Price: $27.990000 | Brand: Pretty Love
The Pretty Love – Arvin – Vibrating Egg is a mid-sized egg that you insert internally into your vagina and it provides unique stimulation with vibrations which equals pleasure. Vibrating Egg with Remote Control is a mid-size at 7cm in total length and 3cm in width. Some women find it more pleasurable if they use a little bit of water based lubricant when inserting, but you don’t have to. Once inserted you use the remote control to switch on, or you could pop it on before you pop it in, it’s up to you. You will have slight vibrations internally that are a nice surprising delight, nothing too much so that you can wear your egg anywhere and at any time. It’s your little secret and it can put a naughty little smile on your face knowing that you have the Arvin inside and no-one knows. The remote control is small as well, around the same size as the egg so easy to put in your pocket, purse and hand. There is one button for on/off and controls, the levels of vibrations are only slight with each click of the button. The Arvin is to tease you and please you not drive you to heaven you may need a little more than to get you there but you will definitely be on your way. Arvin is like a pre-curser to the next level of play. You can use it as part of your foreplay, whilst watching a movie with your lover or out on a date and it’s working you over ready for the main event later on.Pretty Love – Arvin – Vibrating Egg The cute name Arvin goes with a cute vibrating egg a great little toy that you can have secret fun with. Vibrating Egg with Remote Control

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