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Private Lesson School Girl Set (One Size)

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Seven Til Midnight
If you’ve ever thought of being a little naughty school girl in roll play with your other half, this costume by seven til’ Midnight the Private Lesson School Girl Set is ideal.  3 Piece Set to be that wonderful school girl. Tie Front Top from the little sleeves to the collars and the breast enhancing front tie you will be a smasking hit as soon as they see you. Pleated Checked School Skirt just like most uniforms but just a tad shorter, well maybe more than a tad.  Remveable Garter Straps with Gold Hardwear wear with or without stocking easily  Sexy G-String and this one is up to you if you wear it or not.  Private Lesson School Girl Set by seven til’ Midnight for that special roll play night with your lover.  3 Piece Set Tie Front top Pleated Checked School Skirt Removeable Garter Straps with Gold Hardwear Sexy G-String

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