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Bathmate Hydromax7 (Hydromax X30) Wide Boy Penis Pump


Enjoy supreme gains, safety and comfort with Bathmate’s Hydromax7 Wide Boy (formerly Hydromax X30 Wide Boy).

The hydraulic pressure created by Bathmate penis pumps tends to produce an increase in girth faster than in length. This can mean the penis touches the sides of the pump and the hydraulic pressure can’t expand penis girth any further.

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy is best suited to those requiring extra room for expansion in girth than is offered by the Hydromax7 (Hydromax X30) or Hydro7 (Hercules) but who don’t need the extra length of the Hydromax9 (Hydromax X40).

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy’s unique bellows system boasts superior strength, durability and flexibility, allowing for incredible suction with less effort.

The larger internal bellows size and smaller number of convolutes also provides more room for girth expansion.