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Kheper Games Ladies Night Card Game


What do your friends really think about you? Find out with Ladies Night – the card game that challenges you to guess how your friends will answer questions about you!

Pick a question, say, “What’s your favourite vice?” and predict how your friends will answer – get it right and you’re ahead! Go down the rabbit hole of second guessing your friend’s answers as you all get to know each other that little bit better and second guess how you think everyone else thinks!

Ladies Night – the card game is fun, portable, and perfect for all your girls’ nights – whether it’s a big night out, or a cozy night in!

Game Includes:
* 40 Just for fun question cards
* 40 lifestyle question cards
* 40 Style and beauty question cards
* 40 love and relationships question cards
* The ladies night spinner
* A ladies night answer game pad