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SKU: T0004T4M

Trinity 4 Men 10X Urethral Sounds & Vibrating Penis Head Masturbator


Explore sensational ecstasy vibrating through your shaft like youve never felt before!

This penis head vibrator combines with silicone, urethral sounds to send powerful, tingling sensations down the inside of your penis. Experience 3 levels of intensity and 7 different vibration patterns that that buzz the head of your cock and send undulating pulses through your shaft. Choose between small, medium or long silicone sounds so you can play with the depth of your choosing.

Simply pick the urethral sound length you desire and attach it to the vibrator. Then coat the sound with a sterile lubricating jelly. Stroke your penis it you get semi-erect, then slip the sound into your urethra. Begin to buzz the vibration through the toy, choosing a vibration pattern and level. When you’re ready slip the cap over the head of the vibrator, and enjoy the textured beads on the inside as they rub gently against your glans. Add water-based lubricant to the inside of the cap as required. Once you’re done, gently extract the sound and clean with warm water and anti-bacterial toy spray. Allow to dry fully before storage.

How deep will go you?