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Punishment Thorn – 4.5 Inch Phallic Butt Plug (Red)

Price: $18.990000 | Brand:
With a great textured handle the Punishment Thorn – 4.5 Inch Butt Plug is easy to use on yourself or your partner. Butt Plug which is 18cm in total length including the wonderful handle which has a criss cross texture especially for getting that perfect grip. The plug is 12cm from tapered tip to flared base with 3.5cm in width. Silicone Material which is smooth on the plug and textured on the handle. Dick Look yeap the shaft looks like a dick, what more could you want. Grab some water based lube and start the punishment.Punishment Thorn – 4.5 Inch Butt Plug in red or black is sturdy and good looking butt plug ready for play. Butt Plug Silicone Material Dick Look

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