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Pure Unisex Anal Beads – Purple

Price: $9.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
A handsomely shaped anal bead set with five tapering beads and grip handle.  Anal play can be a very enjoyable undertaking and using a toy is an excellent way to ease yourself into it. We have seen, and do not stock, cheap molded anal beads that are often poorly made and have seams which are uncomfortable if they catch on sensitive skin.  The handle is an excellent feature and makes the bead string easy to maneuver at just the right time. Take any anal play slow the first time and use plenty of lube.  A bad experience early can put you off forever, and that’s a real shame when so much pleasure can be achieved by incorporating a comfortable level of anal play and the odd anal toy. Anal beads stimulate the prostate and can heighten orgasm for men, and for the ladies a little bit of anal stimulation, dare we admit it, often produces the best climaxes.N/A

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