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Purple G-Spot Tickler by Glas

Price: $28.990000 | Brand: Glas Toys
Glass is a wonderful pleasure toy to play with. It’s cool to the touch and you can also heat it up a little to spice things up. It’s seductive and stylish and a must have for any toy collection. Purple G-Spot Ticker with a nice 18cm in full width and 14cm internal lenght and 2.5cm in width it’s a happy size to play with. There is a bulbous end for comfort whilst playing and a wonderful curved tip to hit the G when you want it most.  Smooth and Delightful all the way up and down this lovely glass dildo is smooth and feels so good.  Hypoallergenic which is ideal for anyone who has allergies or may be a little uncomfortable with any toys that use any kind of chemicals. Handmade with Love as all glass dildos should be. Purple G-Spot Tickler by Glas is a smooth glass dildo with the slightest curve at the tip for your G-Spot enjoyment. Purple G-Spot Tickler Smooth and Delightful Hypoallergenic Handmade with Love

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