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Renegade – Vibes-O-Spades (Black)

Price: $54.990000 | Brand: NS Novelties
For some fun for your bum the Renegade – Vibes-O-Spades Butt Plugs have 2 very different sized sleeves for you to play with the added stimulation of vibrations. Vibes-O-Spades Butt Plugs with 2 Interchangeable Sleeves has so many of the best of both worlds with not one but two sleeves to enjoy. The first sleeve is 6cm internal length and the second is 4cm internal length. Both are 3cm at the widest part but one is long and slender till this point whilst the other is short and stubby. Different feelings for different plugs. Rechargeable Bullet which you slide into the sleeve to increase your pleasures with vibrations flowing the butt plug. Being rechargeable you receive full power benefits that you wouldn’t usually receive from a battery vibe. Smooth Silky Silicone Material from the tapered tip all the way down to the flared based and battery compartment.  Renegade – Vibes-O-Spades Butt Plug has a rechargeable vibrating Bullet with 2 different sized sleeves. Vibes-O-Spades Butt Plugs with 2 Interchangeable Sleeves Rechargeable Bullet Smooth Silky Silicone Material

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