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Reverse Tightening Gel for Women – 56g

Price: $12.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
The Tightening Gel Works to Counteract the Vaginal Walls Natural Relaxation, reversing the effects of time and establishing that youthful tightness. It is a wonderful solution for women who want a simple way to tighten up their vagina and enhance their sexual pleasure. A tiny amount of this exciting tightening lube hydrates your vagina and helps restore your natural tightness that will make sex a truly glorious experience! Being a water based product you can use it with water-based sex lubricants and you favourite toys. Indulge Yourself and Feel Greater Pleasure during sex thanks to this tightening gel for women. Simply, use the tip of your finger to apply a teeny amount to the inner walls of the vagina. Within a couple of moments you should start to feel a warm tingle and tightening sensation in your vagina. This gel will help to lubricate you as well as tighten your pussy for maximum pleasure. It easily washes off with warm water. As Soon As You Use this Gel it Will Help you Feel Tighter and thus give you the opportunity to achieve more powerful orgasms. When you apply this remarkable gel you will feel a delightful warm tingle, within moments your vaginal walls have swollen which allows more friction and sensations when being penetrated. The outcome? Well let’s just say your orgasms will be intense & incredibly satisfying. The All-Natural Ingredients in the reverse tightening gel do exactly what they are intended to do, and that is to increase blood flow to your vaginal walls. This product will assist your body to regenerate the flexibility of the vaginal walls. The natural ingredients in this product will definitely help with the temporary contraction & the plumping of the vaginal walls. It will provide lubrication, friction stimulation and give women a feeling of sexual rejuvenation.Elevate you lovemaking with this sensational new vaginal tightening gel. Specifically designed with key natural ingredients that will increase the blood flow to the vagina walls thus making them swell. This revitalizing gel temporarily tightens the inner walls of your vagina that enables you to feel intensified friction and absolute satisfaction during sex. The substances in this unique tightening gel for women will enhance your sex life by tightening your vaginal walls, repairing flexibility & help restore lubrication. So now whatever your age, you can reclaim that first-time feeling! Just apply a small dab of this fantastic tightening gel to hydrate and tighten your vaginal walls. A blend of chill pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and cacao extracts create a gorgeous tingling sensation that will lead to breathtaking orgasmic sex every time you use it! Water-based vaginal tightening gel for increased friction and pleasure during intimate play Gel tingles to excite and arouse Works in moments All natural ingredients

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