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ROMP – Wave Lay-On Vibe

Price: $47.990000 | Brand: Womanizer
The curves on the ROMP – Wave Lay-On Vibe are designed for your body, to please it, to play with it. Wave Lay-On Vibe has an incredible design for laying on your body providing you with complete pleasure. The Wave is 12cm in length and the bottom and top is 3cm in width and the middle is 5.5cm in the middle. You can use the Wave by just laying in on your vagina which will stimulate all over including the clitoris. You can also use the Wave to caress your whole body. 6 Vibration & 4 Pattern Styles to play with and enjoy. Smooth Darling Smooth Silicone Material it truly is darling, it feels so lovely. Great for anyone who may not like plastic or rubber toys. Waterproof & USB Rechargeable so you can lay in the bath with the Wave and charging is simple by sliding the plug into the O and plug in.ROMP – Wave Lay-On Vibe is really a fun palm vibe that as soon as I touched it I knew it was going to be a new toy for my own collection. Wave Lay-On Vibe 6 Vibration & 4 Pattern Styles Smooth Darling Smooth Silicone Material Waterproof & USB Rechargeable

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