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Rooster Control Rings – Orange

Price: $9.990000 | Brand:
Keep it up until the crack of dawn with Rooster Control Rings – Orange, a mindblowing set of rings to keep you going longer and stronger all day and all night. Allow them to embrace your cock with their contricting binds for endless fun and an astonishing finish!  Three Cock Rings, the smallest offering a tight blood constricting touch, the medium for a less intense yet highly effective fit and the largest to wrap around your scrotum – use them individually or all at once Made from Silicone, they are a non pinching, comfortable wear that will stretch and wrap around your cock like your new best friend.  Easy Care and Maintainance simply clean with warm water and soap or our toy cleaner. Add a little water based lubricant for comfort.We will say it once, twice. THREE TIMES – Rooster Control Rings – Orange are full of strong, hard erectile potential! Three different sized rings for plenty of cock constricting fun, these orange rings of goodness are all the hype.  Three Cock Rings Made from Silicone  Easy Care and Maintainance  

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