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Rooster Daddy-O – Small – Black

Price: $23.990000 | Brand:
We could joke about the Rooster Daddy-O – Small anal plug, butt fuck it, these dudes are too good to be true! Perfect addition to your bottom draw or drawer 🙂 or for those looking to explore between the cracks, no other plug will have you embracing the cock like the Rooster range! Size Small well that’s what it states on the cover but it’s a small if you’re experienced. It’s 5cm in width, firm with a slight softness to it but it’s still firm. In length it’s 7cm to the plug and has a great flared base to make sure it stays in place. It’s a good looking small big butt plug for anal toy players who like them a decent size or just to add another favourite to your anal play Smooth Bulbous Shape that completely fills your ass, made from seemless silicone for easy insertion. Especially when adding some of your favourite water based lube! Strong Suction Cup Base sticks to any surface meaning you can enjoy your own solo play or have a partner get behind your fantasies as well.If your wanting to explore your anal fantasies, Rooster Daddy-O – Small has the perfect plugs that will have you singing until the crack of dawn. Available in Black or Orange  Size Small ( a Big Small) Smooth Bulbous Shape Strong Suction Cup Base

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