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S-Wet – Bullet Ring Cockring (Purple)

Price: $17.990000 | Brand: S-Wet
Increase your pleasure and increase your partner’s enjoyment at the same time.  This bullet ring cockring keeps partners coming together with the versatile design of this cock ring. Does It Take Your Lady A Bit Longer to Orgasm?  This stretchy but firm silicone ring around your manhood will keep you erect longer in order to do the gentleman thing and wait for her before you blow.  Restriction around the base of the penis, restricts the blood flow out of the erect penis so you can please her longer.  Maybe you’d like to be hard as a rock to really thrust it into her?  Cock rings help with this too.  Keeping the blood in the penis maintains the hardness of your mighty manhood.  She will love you even more! Make Her Moan With Delight.  Some ladies need more than a rock hard everlasting erect penis to get off so adding a vibrating bullet on the top provides external stimulation to make sure your effort goes unnoticed.  The bullet is easily turned on with a push of a button on the end and is a single speed.  It also can be removed from the sleeve to use for foreplay to arouse her pleasure centre and just before she is done, quickly slip it into the cock ring and its then your time to shine and dazzle her with your performance.  The sleeve also has a cute little raised love heart and raised texture to tickle her for a bit more stimulation. No Room is Off Limits while using your cockring.  Use it in the shower or bath.  No matter where you want to play, slip it on and sing in unison. Being Silicone, it is body safe and phthalate free.  Always a plus to know no toxic reaction will be caused by this little wonder.Vibrating cockrings are extremely useful and pleasurabe for both partners.  Keep him harder for longer while receiving clitoral stimulation hands free.  When he’s away, slip the vibrating bullet out and use it on its own. Cock ring for harder and longer erections Clitoral stimuation via the bullet and raised texture on the ring Waterproof Silicone and phthalate free

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