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S-Wet – Double Action Bullet Ring Cockring (Clear)

Price: $25.490000 | Brand: S-Wet
This Cock Ring is Made from Stretchy Silicone for ease of use. It is also suitable for a range of penises. Before use, simply stretch the central ring, slide over the penis and release. The cockring will fit firmly but comfortably for most men. It Includes 2 Vibrating Bullets, on opposite sides of the ring. When placed on the top and bottom of the penis, the top bullet stimulates yours partner’s clitoris while the bottom bullet stimulates her perineum and your testicles. The base of the penis is also stimulated and men who choose to use the product during masturbation may like to experiment with positioning in other directions. The vibrating bullets can be turned on and off, by pushing a button on the end of each bullet. They can also be removed for independent use (for him or her) and for thorough cleaning between sessions. That’s a lot of a variety from one very small toy. Cockrings Encourage Longer and Stronger Erections by applying a firm but comfortable pressure to the base of the penis. For men who have difficulty maintaining an erection, this cockring provides a fun way to ensure that your intimate encounter ends the way you want it to. For men who do not have difficulty with their erection, the cockring can assist you in achieving a bigger, firmer erection as well as enhancing the sensitivity of penis. It runs on 6 LR44 Batteries. That’s three batteries for each bullet. No wonder those little beauties have so much love to give.This S-Wet vibrating cockring has something for everyone. It includes two vibrating bullets, for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and perineum/testicles during sex, is easy to use and encourages longer, strong erections. Both men and women can enjoy the intense vibrations. This is a multi-use vibrating cockring to intensify your next intimate evening together. More than double the fun! Made from stretchy silicone for ease of use Includes two vibrating bullets for multiple points of stimulation Each bullet can be turned on and off or removed from the ring Restricts blood flow for longer, stronger erections Runs on 6 x LR44 batteries

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