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Satisfyer Lolli-Plug 2 (Grey)

Price: $45.990000 | Brand: Satisfyer
Let your bum sing with delight with the Satisfyer Lolli-Plug 2. Lolli Plug 2 is great sized vibrating anal plug which is the perfect size and style for anyone. With a full length of 14cm and an insertable length of 10cm with different levels of bead styles to pop in, starting from 1.5cm going to 3cm. The flared base is designed so well to fit comfortable against the bum and its also for your safety. 2 Powerful Motors well 2 motor are better than 1 and these are quite powerful so that they can deliver thrill seeking bum tingling sensations. Bum Happy Silicone Material as you should always keep your bum happy. 12 Bum-Tastic Vibrating Settings to play with. USB Rechargeable and Waterproof as you don’t want to muck around with batteries and water fun!Satisfyer Lolli-Plug 2 is an anal plug with lots of power as it has not 1 but 2 powerful motors to get you humming. Lolli Plug 2 2 Powerful Motors Bum Happy Silicone Material 12 Bum-Tastic Vibrating Settings USB Rechargeable and Waterproof

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