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Satisfyer Men

Price: $79.990000 | Brand: Satisfyer
Looking for a suave looking masturbation sleeve, something that isn’t too bulky and has some style! The Satisfyer Men is just what Mrs Palmer and her daughters ordered. Satisfyer Men Masturbation Sleeve is a stylish masturbation sleeve that is easy to hold and use. This masturbation sleeve is next level and is designed to really take all of you in to provide you with the maximum of pleasure. The internal cyberskin material is soft with texture just the way you will like it. Vaginal and Oral Sensations as the Satisfyer Men changes with use to provide you will a tight vaginal sensation and the perfect oral sensation. It all depends on how you want to use and enjoy it. Exclusive Pump Feature allows you to add or release air during use with a simple touch of the button leaving you free to enjoy your favourite function. Recommended by Rocco Siffredi the Italian Stallion Porn Star loves this sleeve and as such has put his name on it. Rocco, a porno king has quite the following from his action scenes in his movies, also known for rough sex scenes and his intensity for each scene he does. Designed in Germany Satisfyer Men, a new design in masturbation sleeves for total orgasmic pleasure. Satisfyer Men Masturbation Sleeve Vaginal and Oral Sensations Exclusive Pump Feature Recommended by Rocco Siffredi the Italian Stallion Porn Star

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