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Satisfyer Plugs – Black Butt Plug 3 Pack

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Satisfyer
The Satisfyer Plug 3 set is something a little different for anal training with different sizes and shapes and everything in-between to enjoy. Satisfyer Anal Plugs 3 Pack the first and second size is 13.5 in length but with different shapes and sizes. One starts with a small tapered tip moving to a little bit bigger the bigger again. The second has 2 nubs starting with a bigger first one than the next level in long and thick. The third plug is a twister at 14cm in length and starts of quite small with the tapered tip working it’s way through the spiral style to a thicker sensation.  Smooth Silicone with easy to use Rings for safety and to also remove the plug when you want to. You can play any way that you want to, it might be inserting just a little at a time whilst you play in other ways.Insert one in and play and just prior to climaxing pull it out to enhance the orgasm. This is a very different feeling if you haven’t tried it previoulsy you should try it at least once, then it will be twice and then …. Satisfyer Plugs – Black Butt Plug 3 Pack has one for every occasion, for beginners to the advanced the Satifyer plug set is for you.  Satisfyer Anal Plugs 3 Pack Smooth Silicone with easy to use Rings 

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