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Scandal – Bar Gag

Price: $34.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Scandal range of products are seduction and bondage enjoyment in absolute style and elegance. Bar Gag is very comfortable and flexible and will leave your sub or lover in the position you want them in. They will not be able to speak or close their mouth all the will be able to do is bite down if you allow them on the bar gag. They’re made very well but if you are punishing your sub and they bite down really hard they may leave tiny teeth marks on it. Better make sure they know the rules. Brocade Fabric is delightfully delicious and luxury with seduction from the double padding and the double stitching to make sure that it will last the tests of play time. With a fantastic length of 134.5cm they will feel the fabric ties all the way down their back feeling the teasing sensation of such a lovely fabric. Better still you can take control with the ties and hold them whilst you are playing. With such an exciting range of products in the Scandal collection this is sure not to be the only item you collect. It is quality, passionate, playful, sexy and oh so ever naughty. Bondage play accessories don’t have to be latex and rubber it can be attractive and stylish and that is what Scandal is all about, providing you with visual and sensual pleasure in one.Scandal Bar Gag for when you want your lover to be only doing one thing with their mouth. Gag Material

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