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Scandal – Bed Restraints

Price: $89.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Scandal Bed Restraint provides you with the Sub and Dom sensation of restraint play but you can have a little movement allowed if you want. Watch your Sub squirm with delight with the naughty things you do to them. The Scandal Black and Red Fabric is spectacular, so seductive and sexy and unique to the Scandal range. The wearer will feel the erotic sensation as soon as they are restrained and ready for play. The Wrists and Cuffs are adjustable to make for the perfect fit. The have the Scandal fabric on the outside for your visual pleasure and on the inside they are luxurious to make for a comfortable play time. The 4 Tether Restraints can be used under the bed or as a specific tether. You don’t always have to play in the bedroom. You can tether the restraints to any piece of furniture you fancy. Use your imagination and go wild. Included is an extension for oversized beds at 152.5cm. O-Rings that are designed to swivel to make for the idyllic situation for your amusement. The clasps and O-rings are suitable for anyone to use with ease. Imagine your lover restrained to the bed and you’re teasing them to the point that their back arches with ecstasy. Then you can either slow it down a little or turn it up a lot. The power is in your hands, have fun with it.  The Scandal Bed Restraints are ideal for anyone who loves to play with restraints but would still like a little bit of movement whilst playing. Stunning Scandal Fabric on Cuffs Adjustable Wrists and Cuffs Adjustable Tether Restraint Clasps and O-Rings for ease of use

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