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Scandal – Bull Whip

Price: $36.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
When it comes to having that little bit of extra fun in the bedroom it doesn’t matter if you are completely into full bondage or just want to experience the lighter side of the Scandal Bull Whip is suitable for everyone. Beautiful Designed Bull Whip with red and black brocade fabric on the handle that is 12cm in length to 17cm is hand stitch to the finest details. The actual whip is a nice 17cm in length. You also have a strap on the handle to make sure that the bull whip doesn’t fly out of your hands when you are getting a little excited which is so easy to do. If you haven’t used any kind of whip before it is best to start off slow and soft and be kind to your lover. Make sure that the whipped spot is caressed after it smack. Everyone has to build up to the point of their own pain threshold and it can sometimes take a little time. With the Scandal range there are so many beautiful and playful additions you can add to make quite the collection and the Bull Whip is a nice start. It all depends on how far you want to go, and you only live once make it worth it and have some fun.The Scandal Bull Whip has the beautiful and stylish brocade fabric that is renowned with all of the Scandal range. Seductive and Sensual bondage equipment is ideal for every bedroom. Beautiful Designed Bull Whip

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