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Scandal – Collar Body Restraint

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Simply on first look of the Scandal Collar Body Restraint and your imagination is going to go wild thinking of the positions that you can put your lover into. Then think about once you start using it, the number is just going to increase with practise. Restraints can be used front or back as it is a reversible design. Let’s start from the top and work our way down. First you have a luxurious collar that is fixed to the central harness system that has universal clasps and o-rings so that you can add more restraints or ropes as you see fit. Then you will realise there is a lot more that you can do with all those o-rings. Now to the cuffs which obviously can be either in front or behind depending on what the job intails for the night. (Insert wicked laugh) What Position do you want to be in?! How do you want to play?! You can move your sub to almost any position you want. The cuffs are detachable and can be moved and twisted to whatever you desire. Add more gear to the restaint down their body. Tether them on the bed or a pole. Plush and Soft on one side making it comfortable without leaving too many marks on your body that you don’t want to have to answer to if anyone saw them. The other side is the stunning seductive design that we know from the Scandal collection with double stitching for quality. This restraint is just simply so much fun and can be used with so many different attachements.The Scandal Collar Body Restraint is ideal for when you want your lover completely restrained in any position you want as there is many position possibilities with this one. Restraints Positions Soft and Luxurious

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