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Scandal – Control Cuffs

Price: $25.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
These cuffs are perfect for those lovers interested in a little bit of bondage without wanting to sacrifice comfort and style whilst being seduced. These Wrist or Ankle Control Cuffs are ideal for anyone who likes to have a little or a lot of control over their lover. You can use them on the wrists or the ankles, whatever takes your fancy or your mood. Restrain your lover by the wrists to make them beg for more then change it up anytime to restrain them by the ankles so they are at your mercy and anticipating your next move. They are Fully Adjustable to ensure comfort so you can concentrate on the pleasurable side of bondage. Lending itself to long bondage sessions without a visible hint of your adventures afterward.  The Control Cuffs have a universal buckle so as build your collection, you can add any other Scandal product to them or any of your other favourite restraint toys and accessories. The control cuffs have just that little bit of extra holding space to allow the Dom to hold and position you with ease. Legs or wrists can be spread wide open for better access and control. The Design and Style that you come to expect from any of the Scandal collection is the well known stunning red and black fabric with fantastic strong stitching for quality and durability. The inside of the control cuffs are soft and comfortable, no need to leave red marks as evidence from playing hard. The Dom can grab the middle of the cuffs and move their Sub to the position that they want when they want it. You can also incorporate your control cuffs with anything that is in the bedroom, lounge room or if you are lucky enough your kinky dungeon. Wrap the cuffs around a pole, a bed, table, or even a chair whatever takes you fancy. Then tease and delight your Sub until they can take no more but are aching for a release.Scandal Control Cuffs are suitable for both wrists and ankles so that you can be completely in control or out of control. Restraint cuffs for either the wrists or ankles Fully adjustable with the ability to add further restraint products to the cuffs Sensuous design and style made for comfort

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