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Scandal – Eye Mask

Price: $32.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Scandal Eye Mask is a perfect start for when you want to add a little tantalising spark into your bedroom fun. Taking away sight instantly enhances the all other senses. Trust your partner and heighten the ecstasy. The Lace is Delicate around the blindfold that seductively touches your face with the satin mask covering your eyes. There is a no peeking rule with this stunning blindfold. The Fabric is the trademark Scandal design – elegant, sexual and desirable. The design will go with any elegant or naughty piece of lingerie or if you are butt naked. The eye mask is double stitched to perfection and has double padding to make for a comfortable erotic feeling. The Ties are made with the delicate but sturdy Scandal material of polyester and you simply tie the mask in place with a knot or a bow and let the length flow down your naked back. The Scandal Eye Mask is designed with glamour for you to enjoy the fulfilling arousal of sensual play. Your lover can love each and every part of your body whilst you are completely without sight. Use cold or hot items like ice or toys to run all over the body. Be teased and you will feel your body becoming sexually awakened in every way. There is something special and tempting when you don’t know what your body is about to experience. Let yourself go and experience the ultimate in sensory deprivation. We recommend looking after your Scandal Eye Mask with a light wipe down and dry after each use and store safely in a draw.The Scandal Eye Mask is just simply beautiful and perfect for sensory and sexual pleasure. Lace trim around the double padded eye mask Scandal style designed fabric tie

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