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Scandal – Flogger

Price: $55.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Scandal Flogger has the beautiful design that is unique to the Scandal range. Beautiful black and red fabric on the firm handle at 16cm in length with long tantilising tassels at 34 cm in length and a great wrist handle to keep you in control. The choice is yours or dependent on how bad your lover has been. You can tickle and entice them with soft strokes of the flogger caressing their skin. Teasing them and making them yearn for more. They may want more pressure of the flogger, but do you give in or do you keep teasing them? It’s a great place to start and get them warmed up and for them to give you the obedience you want from them. From there it is up to you, go light then go hard just remember to massage any sore and red marks on your lovers body. Once you have enjoyed the Scandal Flogger you will want to add to your collection of fun sex equipment. You will have already experienced the fantastic quality and love the elegant design and style of the Scandal collection so there is no wonder why you will want and need more to add to your bedroom fun. Let your imagination go wild!Welcome to the beautiful art of BDSM Flogging. The Scandal range of bondage pleasure equipment is designed for anyone who wants to have some kinky fun and want to do it with style and class. Elegantly designed fabric Long tassels to tantalise or dominate

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