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Scandal – Hog Tie

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Hog Ties like all other hog ties have an exact purpose, to keep your lover where you want them. So that you can move them or leave them however you decide. Please or tease it is up to you, they are there for the taking. Wrists and Ankle Cuffs this is why it is a hog tie, your lover is tied by both wrists and ankles in the most surrendered way you can. They are completely the submissive in this position, and the cuffs are adjustable. They are yours! O-Rings with swivel design so that you can adjust your babe to your positions you choose. Soft and attractive whilst still comfortable with the beautiful Scandal design on one side with quality stitching. The Scandal Hog Ties are very attractive and comfortable and can be taken apart completely so that you can also play with the individual cuffs. Great if you only want ankle cuff or wrist cuff play. Or if one partner has one set on and the other has the opposite set on. You have to be able to imagine the fun you both could be getting up to. Give away to temptation and let yourself go with someone you trust and have fun!  Scandal Hog Ties are to get your partner in a completely submissive position where they cannot move and they are there to provide you their bodies to either give or take pleasure. Pure and simple! Hog Tie Cuffs Clasps Comfort or Pain

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