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Scandal – Open Mouth Gag With Clamps

Price: $57.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Bondage Gags come in different styles like the common ball gag that keeps your subs mouth busy with only the ball. No talking. The only thing they could do is bite down on the gag. Then you have the open mouth gags that are designed for a little extra fun. Your subs mouth is open to do with it as you wish. If you want to slide a dildo or finger or better your cock inside, it’s up to you. They have no choice but to enjoy what is being placed in their mouth. Nipple Clamps are fully adjustable so they can be lightly clamping the nipples to fully squeezing the hell out of them, it’s up to the pain threshold of the submissive on how far you can go. Now to top this all off it also has the unique Scandal design and style of red and black stunning fabric with an adjustable buckle with 2 interchangeable rings. The collar adjusts to 59.75cm with a 3.7cm ring in diameter. Then you have the nickel free chain draping over your breasts and body until you clamp those perfect erect nipples that are just waiting and yearning to feel the pleasure. The collar chain and clamps are fully detachable so you can change it up any time you like. We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention the quality of the Scandal Open Mouth Gag with Clamps. There is strong double stitching on the collar and rubber on the nipple clamps so as to look after those lovely precious nipples of yours. Although you will be restrained, you will however be in utter comfort without this device leaving a single mark of your escapade. Treat yourself and your lover!The Open Mouth Gag with Clamps is ideal for the adventurous lover. It brings a different dynamic to your submissive playtime. Open Mouth Gag Nipple Clamps  

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