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Scandal – Over The Door Cross

Price: $89.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Over the Door Cross restraint systems go by many names, including X-Crosses or Saint Andrew’s Cross. These gorgeous Scandal restraint sets are a fantastic way to use other areas of your room or house for other naughty needs! Any Door, Anywhere – with this Scandal restraint kit you can use any door to create a vertical bondage area that’s all set for pleasure and play. These straps cross easily over the door, so they do not need to be fixed down or attached to the frame – making them friendly for rental properties and hotel rooms! When you’re done, you can unhook it all and pack the entire kit back away in the box it comes with, which is shallow enough to slide under the bed or into a suitcase with ease. Cuffs, Rings and More – Scandal produce heavy-duty restraint gear with a designer touch, incorporating beautiful fabrics for a seductive look. In this Door Cross set, you’ll receive two sets of adjustable cuffs for use with your new bedroom accessory. These wrist and ankle cuffs come in a sexy red and black colour, and are also fully removable and interchangeable with other pieces of the Scandal range! For example, the Scandal Spreader Bar fits these cuffs perfectly, and can be used in unison with the Door Cross to keep your bound lover spread eagle and open to your touch. They can also hook onto the Scandal Bed Restraints, and the extra cuffs may come in handy if you’re hooking up more than one naughty playmate! This adaptable set is a fantastic addition to your bondage play, and is suitable for beginners and the more experienced alike.Suspend your partner upright and spread eagle against your very own bedroom door, opening up their body to all kinds of kinky play. Best of all, this set if full removable and door friendly – no landlords, parents or housemates need ever know. Secretive, seductive, and ready to please Cross-style door restraints Adjustable – fits most doors Includes adjustable and detachable cuffs Cuffs work interchangeably with other Scandal restraints

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