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Scandal – Paddle

Price: $42.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Scandal brings the scandalous to your very own boudoir. With a range of gorgeous restraints, spreaders, cuffs and paddles, in fantastic patterns and erotic colours, these bedroom accessories are a way to bring both BDSM and a little luxury to your sex life. This paddle combines the firmness of your usual paddles with smooth, soft fabric for a unique feel. The fabric, in several tones of red, looks like it’s straight out of the pages of a romance novel – warm, sexy, and so very alluring. The paddle also features a wrist wrap, which is particularly hand if you need to drop your new toy to play and punish your lover with your hands in between those firm spanks and strokes. The Scandal Paddle is approximately 37cm long, with a 9cm width. This is a good sized paddle for any experience level, and tucks away into your wardrobe or drawers between your sexy sessions. Alternatively, keep it with your other toys and bondage gear to create a ‘go to’ set for intense pleasure and passion all at arm’s reach.Have you met the Scandal range yet? These lush, sexy pieces are perfect for creating the ultimate toy kit – and this paddle is no exception! A fully line, gorgeous red paddle that looks breathtaking and feels just as good against your lover’s skin. Luxurious, scarlet print Comfortable wrist wrap Plush on one side 37cm long and 9cm wide

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