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Scandal – Posture Collar with Cuffs

Price: $66.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs combines loose control with sensuality and a designer’s flare. The Material is the unique Scandal patterned design on one side and a beautiful soft and comfortable plush material on the other. There won’t be any unwanted marks on your neck or wrists with this playful set. The Collar has silk ribbon that ties-up at the back of the neck to a beautiful bow which loosely falls and touches your back providing you with that little extra sensual satisfaction. No clips or buttons that can be a little uncomfortable on the neck. Tie it loose or tie it a little tighter, it’s up to you to what kind of playtime you are interested in. The collar adjusts up to 40.75cm, which will fit most people comfortably. The Cuffs are made to fit most wrists as they have Velcro to keep the cuffs in place. The cuffs adjust up to 26.75cm suitable for a tight or loose fit. Soft & Comfortable material all over your body is ideal for anyone interested in submissive pleasure. You can be restrained without feeling the discomfort or hard and metal products. The pleasures don’t stop with just the collar and cuffs. You also have the heavy duty metal chain that cascades along your body. They have a universal clip so you can add other bondage and mischievous items to our sexy outfit. For just one example, add a lead. The chain is also detachable and is 63.5cm in length. The stunning design makes the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs sexually enticing and alluring for both sub and dom.The Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs is elegant restraint play at its finest. Stylish Material Collar Cuffs Soft and Comfortable Detachable Chain

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