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Scandal – Thong Harness

Price: $34.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
From the beautiful unique red and black Scandal fabric that is just seduction in itself to the perfect fit with the double stitching to maximize the durability. The universal harness will fit most flared based dildo’s and butt plugs. The O-Ring cannot be seen as it has the Scandal fabric covering it, but all you have to do is slide your favourite toy through the O-Ring and adjust the harness to fit you very comfortably with plush lining and the harness adjust up to 136cm for that perfect fit. The Scandal Thong Harness is ideal for anyone who is interested in pegging from the beginner to the more advanced. The harness is the “clothing” part of the act of pegging. What makes the difference is the toy you attach to it. For the pegging beginner it is best to start with a small and thinner dildo or anal toy. Make sure your partner is relaxed and your toy is attached well and apply some lube to the toy. This is very important, as the anus has no lubrication. Lube will make the experience far more pleasurable. The experienced pegger doesn’t need us to tell you what you need to do. You just need to know that with the Scandal harness you have quality and style. The harness is not only for pegging it is for role reversal. Role reversal comes in many different forms and sexualities. The Scandal design and fit is ideal for females who love to see their partner in something beautiful that they themselves can also enjoy wearing. Explore the possibilities!The Scandal Thong Harness is for lovers who enjoy the pleasures of role reversal and pegging. The Scandal Thong Harness is an attractive addition to your role playing outfits and toys. Quality double stitched stylish fabric Universal thong harness with a hidden O-ring

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