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Scandal – Trio Pleasure Wheel

Price: $23.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
When it comes to your sensors they are enhanced when using different items. For example when you place a blindfold on your senses are heighten due to lack of visual senses. So why not add something else with a Scandal – Trio Pleasure Wheel. Trio Pleasure Wheel is a nickel free pleasure wheel with lots of pins, 22 in total in each row You can can get a pleasure wheel where there is just one row of pins but this one has 3 rows to make up lots of pins providing more of an intensive and sensitive stimulation. The Trio Pleasure Wheel is a good size which fits comfortably in one hand and has a little weight in it from the quality hardware from which it is made. Scandal – Trio Pleasure Wheel is delicate yet not delicate pleasure toy for couples who like to mixed things up a little.  Trio Pleasure Wheel    

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