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Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet (Pink)

Price: $13.990000 | Brand: The Screaming O
For a cute and colourful little vibe you can’t go past the Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet. Petite Bullet Vibe at only 10cm is super small but will provide you with a great buzz wherever you want and need it. Pop it in your purse or your pocket as you never know when the mood will arise. Smooth & Soft all over with their signature soft touch coating. 3 Speeds + Pulsation Mode lets you play how you want. Low and slow taking it easy or just hit it with high and get the climax you’re looking for. The pulsation mode plays and teases you just a little, just like a Screaming O vibe would. Easy to Use Push Button Control makes the Soft Touch super easy to use with just one hand, actually you could easily just use a couple of fingers. This will provide you with other fingers and the other hand to do anything else you need or want them to do. 5 Fun Colours to select from with black, pink, red, purple and blue.Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet is a might mini vibe that packs a punch. Petite Bullet Vibe Smooth & Soft 3 Speeds + Pulsation Mode Easy to Use Push Button Control 5 Fun Colours

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