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Sex and Mischief Satin Black Blindfold

Price: $9.990000 | Brand: Sex & Mischief by Sportsheets
This is a Very Sexy and Luxurious Women’s Black Satin Blindfold. The Sex & Mischief mask is an erotic blindfold that is so soft that it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. It is the perfect addition to your sexy lingerie collection and will definitely bring out your kinky side. This amazing blindfold covers your eyes, keeping you in a state of darkness and wonder. Wearing this satin mask will heighten your other senses leading to astonishing sensations for you and your lover. This is a luxurious double-layered black satin blindfold with a very stretchy high quality elastic strap for a perfectly comfortable fit. Using this mask is a sexy way to experiment with bondage with your lover. A good quality blindfold like this black satin mask is probably the simplest bondage toy you will ever own. Wearing a mask like this will definitely increase the pleasure for both partners during erotic fun. With limited vision, your lover will quiver with anticipation between every caress, while you gain the confidence exploring your B&D fantasies for the first time.Spice up any erotic occasion with this sleek black satin blindfold. This gorgeous eye-mask is an excellent way to surprise your partner and explore those fantasies you have always dreamed of trying. This stylish black mask effectively blocks the wearer’s sight, which gives them a thrilling sense of anticipation, while also heightening the other senses. A beautiful and effective blindfold like this black satin mask is an absolute staple for any couple looking to spice up their sexual fun. The satin black blindfold is a comfortable, super silky version of a regular blindfold and feels simply gorgeous against the skin. This mask sits comfortably on the wearers face and is held in place with very stretchy elastic that enables it to fit almost any size. Soft satin-feel blindfold Opaque fabric offers complete sight deprivation Elasticated head band stretches to accommodate most people Perfect for beginners

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