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Sex & Mischief Door Play Kit

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Sportsheets
 Red silk. Black straps. A match made in heaven for any rendezvous. Use this kit to turn your ordinary door into part of your next sexy adventure, tying up your lover with seductive silky ties. You can keep them in suspense with the matching blindfold, or let them watch what you do next from their restraints. There’s not much you can do while being tied up to a door, but there’s plenty your partner can do to you. If you dream of submission, of being unable to resist their teasing and touching and passionate advances, then this restraint kit will help you live out those fantasies. You can use this kit alone, or bring in other toys – or other lovers! It’s simple to use, simple to wipe down, and makes for some very sexy viewing. If you’ve not keen for a vertical experience, you could also use this kit on a solid table. Using the kit horizontally creates an easy way to bring together bondage and some of our delicious body paints, or seductive massage oils, without messing up the bed. Work out those knots that they’ll never let you touch, while their helpless to resist your touch – or make your lover gasp with delight as you brush, paint and lick rich chocolate from their soft and sensitive skin. As this kit is easy to set up and take down, you’ll have no hassles using it time and time again – but hiding the evidence before any visitors spy your secret delights!   With the Sex & Mischief Door Play Kit you’ll receive the following: 2x multi-position door straps with loops for tying up fun lovers. 4x red silky ties for wrists and ankles, measuring 71cm each. 1x silky sash blindfold to keep them surprised, measuring 127cm.You’ve got them where you want them. In the doorway, tied, standing, waiting for your command. The Sex & Mischief Door Play Kit gives you everything you need in one handy set to turn any standard door into a secret, sexy adventure.

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