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Sex & Mischief Restraint Wrap – Black

Price: $12.950000 | Brand: Sportsheets
This Sex & Mischief bondage gear will keep bad boys and naughty girls in their place. The Restraint Wrap is over 4m of delightful fun packed into on small box! Bind – use this wrapping to keep your lover in place. The adhesive wrap can easily and tightly bind the hands and ankles of your playmate without causing abrasion of discomfort like metal cuffs. The wrapping is breathable, so you can continue to wear it when things get heated! Play – this type of wrapping is ideal for sexy romps where you want your bound victim to have some movement, such as changing positions often, but still keep them under your control. As the wrapping is reusable, you’ll get plenty of fun out of it and the ample length means that no matter what size your partner is this binding will fit. Don’t spoil the show, make them keep those naughty wandering hands to themselves! Self-adhesive and reusable Latex Free Softer than Handcuffs! 457cm to play with – cut, wrap, adjust as desired.

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