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Sextreme Steel – Jewel Cockpin

Price: $42.990000 | Brand:
Calling guys who want the pleasure of a urethra pin and a red jewel at the top the Jewel Cockpin has a decent size for sound enjoyment.   Jewel Cockpin with a decent length of 8cm and width with .9cm is for the more advanced in sound play. You alredy know that you have to lube up to slide this dude down your hole. The pin itself has a style which is indentations and not straight up, this provides even more stimulation. The red jewel at the top is your bling for your ding.   Stainless Steel of high quality medical grade will not rust and is cool to the touch enhancing your enjoyment. Make sure it’s always clean prior and after using ready for the next time.Sextreme Jewel Cockpin is for the little more experienced in urethra sound play that wants to dress up their cock with a bit of bling. Jewel Cockpin Stainless Steel

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