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Sheer lace top thigh high – Black (Queen)

Price: $7.490000 | Brand: Seven Til Midnight
For some women the feeling of stockings or thigh highs can be their little sexy secret as it looks innocent wearing your thigh highs to work, but in truth they feel the sexual stimulation of a pussy cat in heat. Wearing lingerie including thigh highs can leave you feeling so sexy, so feminie, so sexual that it can transform your body and your mood. Walking into a room with the confidence of cheetah can be very alluring both in a sexual and non-sexual way. You can wear them alone or with a suspender it is up to you but your legs will look and feel amazing. They will highlight your whole body when you wear with any of your stunning lingerie, from bra and panties to the chemise or baby doll. The perfect colours to match almost every outfit that you have in your wardrobe, why not have the whole range of colours so that you can mix and match any time you want. Show those beautiful legs of yours every day, wear them with a shorter skirt to show off the lace trim or a longer skirt that has a split in just the right place that only a glimpse of the lace can be seen.Seven til Midnight’s Sheer Thigh Highs with a delicate lace thigh trim are ideal for every day or night wear.

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