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Silicone Anal Trainer Kit

Price: $52.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
3 Different Sized Anal Plugs is all you need for a training kit. You need a small plug to start of with and this one is only up to 7cm internal and 2.5 in width, this is a great starter size. Next up we go to 8cm internal and 3cm in width this is a pleasant gradual level to go to after the smaller size. Then when you are ready to go a bit bigger you go to the 10cm internal and 4cm in width, go slow and steady if you are not sure yet and take your time. All of the plugs have a tapered tip which means that it is skinny at the very tip so that it is easy to insert and also very comfortable as well. Flared bases are alos great for safety with any anal play. Silicone Material as the kind of material you use does count. These silicone plugs are smooth and silky and have flexibility. There are no nasty seems that could irate and they are easy to clean. Suction Base now open your minds up and think about what you can do with a suction based butt plug. You can also easily wear your butt plugs from the silicone anal trainer kit quite comfortably with the tapered and flared base.Silicone Anal Trainer Kit – With 3 different sized anal plugs all with a suction base this is a great training pack. 3 Different Sized Anal Plugs Silicone Material Suction Base

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