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Sinful – Door Restraints Straps

Price: $23.990000 | Brand: NS Novelties
Sinful Door Restraint Straps can be used on any door, all you have to do is slip them over and click your cuffs into the D rings and off you go for some playful fun. The straps are ideal if you anyone renting or if you simply can’t have your kinky bondage gear up all the time. Not all of us are able to have an all-purpose bondage den or red room (I wish we could). But we can all use our imagination with the sinful straps and place in any room at any time, including when you go away for a naughty weekend away and you lock yourselves up in a hotel room. Oh, how much fun can you have, and for some reason it always feels so much more sexier when you are in a hotel room. I wonder why… The Sinful cuffs are sold separately but if you prefer you can use any brand cuffs with the straps. They are made from a sturdy and adjustable canvas material so you can be assured that they will hold you or your lover in place whilst you are both enjoying the thrills of restraint play. The Sinful Range of restraints, whips and other devilish bedroom apparatus are not only fun to play with but sensually seductive to touch with alluring visual appeal. Sinful Door Restraint Straps

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