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Slimline Super Compact Vibrating Butt Plug

Price: $14.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
This Slimline Super Compact Vibrating Butt Plug is perfect for someone who has started the joys of anal play with a couple of the training butt plugs and they are ready for a little more pleasure. Starter Butt Plug With training plugs you are just working your way up to a little more anal fun. Why not take the next step into something that is similar to a training plug but with a vibration bullet inside to give you extra stimulation. Suitable for both men and women the Slimline Super Compact Vibrating Butt Plug is the next level for anal fun. Multiple Speeds a multiple speed bullet that is surrounded by a see-through jelly which is soft to the touch, so not too hard that you are not going to enjoy yourself.  As with all anal play it is always recommended to use lube for a more pleasurable experience. It is best to still start off slow and work your way up, start with just the plug without the vibration and once you are comfortable with the feeling of the plug it is easy to just use one finger to touch the base of the plug where the button is and off you go. With all adult toys, especially anal toys it is always recommended to clean them after each and every use to keep them hygienic and ready for next time. Clean up is a snap with toy cleaner and water. Keep all toys separate from each other in a dry cool play, preferable in a toy bag.Slimline Super Compact Vibrating Butt Plug is ideal if you’re new to anal play as it’s so slim and comfortable. Starter Butt Plug Multiple Speeds

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