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Straight to the Point – Concentrated Clitoral Vibe

Price: $64.990000 | Brand: Evolved Novelties
You will love the accuracy and power of the Straight to the Point as well as the slimline design. Straight to the Point will give you the pin-point accuracy for all your clitoral enjoyment. With a fantastic flexible tip which has a slight bulbous look to it so that it can deliver the full vibrations straight to your clit. 10 Functions that are designed to make you go crazy with pleasure. Slow and low, high and mighty and a few others that are to tease and delight you. Seductive Silicone Material as only the best material is right for you. Smooth all over with a softness that enhances your desires. Waterproof & USB Rechargeable so why not take this little honey in the bath with you. Never be concerned about batteries corroding in your toys with rechargeable toys.Straight to the Point does what the name states, it gets straight to the point the point of clitoral stimulation straight up! Straight to the Point 10 Functions Seductive Silicone Material Waterproof & USB Rechargeable

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