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Struggle – My Flogger

Price: $14.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
The perfect starter flogger for anyone from beginners to the expert. Lovely Black and Silver Flogger with a lovely black handle at 15cm, which is a great hand size with also a strap for safety. The flogger stripes are awesome metallic silver, which is something a little different in style in a bondage range. Holding the flogger comfortably in your hand and slowly caressing your lover with the silver tassels can become a sensory overload, especially if you add to it a blindfold or some kind of restraint. Once you have teased them a little you can step it up a notch with some light flogging, best to make sure you warm up the area first especially if this is your first time. With a warmed up area you can achieve a lot more pleasure than if it is a cold area, but maybe you like it that way it’s up to you. Make sure that you keep your Struggle My Flogger clean so give it a wipe down after use. Especially if you are using any cream, oils or lubes.Struggle – My Flogger is a treasure and ideal for anyone who would like to add light bondage play to your bedroom. Lovely Black and Silver Flogger

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