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Struggle – My Handcuffs

Price: $14.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
These attractive cuffs are a perfect addition to your bedroom, especially if you are just starting your collection of bedroom toys and accessories. Comfortable Handcuffs have are lovely soft velvet lining which adds to the comfortable nature of these handcuffs. The colours of black with a cool silver trimming in neoprene and they can be added with any product that has a D ring. You can add more accessories or mix it up any way you want. The cuffs are Velcro adjustable to fit most and make for a very comfortable fit. Wearing handcuffs can bring something a little extra to your love making, teasing and tantilising each other whilst one is cuffed the other is in control can really bring some liberation to oneself. The clips are strong and secure and are easy to release for when it is required.Struggle – My Handcuffs are a more comfortable alternative to having metal handcuffs that can irate your wrists. Comfortable Handcuffs

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