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Struggle – My Spanker

Price: $16.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Getting a little or a lot of spanking can be so exhilarating and add another dimension to your bedroom pleasure. Spanker simple yet affective a tool to spank your naughty lover. It could be they did something wrong or it could mean that they didn’t do something. It’s role play and it’s fun. The spanker has a measurement of 32cm from top to bottom and has a strap to make sure it will stay safely in your control. It’s a good starting width of 5.5cm, not too big and not too small it’s just right. It is double sided where one side is a soft padded feel with a metallic look. This is the side that you start with. Light little smacks that will get the body used to it and warming the body up for more. The second side is faux leather and this is where you go to the intense level and smack a little harder and have a whole new feeling to the mix. For beginners you have to work out how hard and how slow you want to go for the more advance, I don’t have to tell you what to do just enjoy!  Struggle My Spanker Have you been naughty? Or are you going to be naughty and need a good spanking? Be disciplined with the Struggle My Spanker. Spanker

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