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Thai Honey – PBK NOVEL

Price: $16.490000 | Brand: Nexus Books
O’s dark bottom shimmered, trembling, as if all the fruits of Earth were ripening in her bare young body. How could such beauty exist? Crouching, she thrust her buttocks up to him. ‘I bad girl, Have black heart,’ she whispered. ‘I want you sadic. I want you to beat me.’ Mitch, doyen of the London fetish scene, flees his hollow marriage for Thailand, paradise of easy sex. Enchanted by promiscuous Thai girls and ladyboys, he lives a fantasy of erotic adventures, introduces willing partners to deviance, and opens a go-go bar, with thrashing on the menu. Sucked into a vortex of insatiable desire, transvestism and corruption, he finds that behind the smiling masks, perversion is reality. But what is Mitch’s own reality? A searing exposure of sado-masochism and shifting identity, Thai Honey begins where Platform leaves off… Author:  Kit McCannN/A

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